Billy Downes of the Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association reports that as of Monday 10th August the water level is falling back to 1.6m at the Laune Bridge or about 2 feet 9 inches at Johnston’s. Beautiful water for all methods just now if a bit high and there are fish running into the river on every tide.

Tony Murphy 5 lb sea liced grilse from Heffernan's
Tony Murphy 5 lb sea liced grilse from Heffernan’s

That said while the angling has improved significantly, mind you there was only one way it could go it is still difficult enough to meet a fish. A report I got from a member this morning is as follows: ‘Fished Beat 3 all day Sat. Not a sign of a fish. 14 rods out yesterday in Johnsons/Heffernans. One fish got off the high bank is all I heard of.’

Dermot Hegarty from Co. Antrim 14 lb fish from Tullig House
Dermot Hegarty from Co. Antrim 14 lb fish from Tullig House

There were about 12 fish reported for the week and a good few fish met and lost.  Among those who met fish were Dermot Hegarty a member visiting from Co. Antrim who landed a beauty of 14 lbs at Tullig House, Billy Downes landed a sea liced fish of 8 lbs on Tuesday at Johnston’s and Tony Murphy met three fish at Heffernan’s and landed one of them on Friday.  On Friday also Kieran Conlon lost a fish at Johnston’s landed a lovely sea trout of 3 lbs (returned) and a grilse of 5 lbs at Rock Pool (returned).

 5 lb grilse
Kieran Conlon beautiful 5 lb grilse returned at Rock pool


Beat 3: There are fish now holding up in Beat 3 and there will be fish running by each day.  This is ideal water for Beat 3.

Billy Downes,  Secretary
Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association

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