Graham Smith had a cracking short session after tope in Inishowen Co. Donegal yesterday…

Tope in the kayak for Graham

Using last years mackerel on pulley rigs Graham had some very exciting fishing from anchor out from Inshowen on Wednesday. Having chosen a kayak that would sit well in the current he was all set for a long wait but within minutes he had a fish on. The rod gave a couple of bumps and the reel was giving line against the ratchet. After a heart stopping fisht where the tope made long runs away from and then back under the kayak Graham eventually got the fish to his boat and snapped some shots before carefully unhooking and releasing his prize.

About 20 minutes later after a dropped run Graham hooked another fish which fought closer to the boat in the no slack current. He soon had it under control and it turned out to be a couple of pounds lighter than the first at about 24lb.

Another tope in the yak

He finished the day with a doggie about 20 minutes late as the tide suddenly began to rip hard. Once he had it in he upped anchor and headed back to base, very happy with his couple of hourse afloat.

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