John Quinlan from Thatch Cottage Ireland reports that the bass are hitting surface lures at the moment. john tells u that this has to be the best way to catch bass.

Getting bass off the surface is exciting stuff.

There is no denying that catching bass off the top is very exciting. Between the chases, follows, tail slaps, hits and misses its hard to become a ball of nerves. But the traditional methods are still worth trying…

Stephen Brennan of was also fishing the Waterville area. Fishing with Dave Roe he reports that nothing was obviously different about this day in the Waterville area than any other day…

The conditions were OK, the surf was OK, the tides weren’t bad, etc. Dave had his first cast and within 5 minutes had a slack line bite resulting in a 10b 7oz bar of silver.

10lb 7oz bass
The first cast of the day resulted in a 10lb 7oz bass


After a few quick photos and measurements we sent her on her way. And that was it for the day – not another bite! We could fish this spot for another ten days and not see another fish like this. Fishing is great, isn’t it?

Go fishing…

John Quinlan, Thatch Cottage

Lure and fly fishing for bass normally begins mid to late March with April and May often giving superb sport.  Please get in touch to check for best times and availability. If you fancy a bass fishing break just give John a call on (066) 947 4721 (or +353 66 947 4721 from abroad).

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