David McEvoy from the Delphi Fishery reports that the fishing has been excellent since his last update, with 36 fish landed and probably twice as many met and lost…
Conditions have been ideal for salmon fishing here with near perfect water conditions and plenty of fish entering the system.
Saturday the 11th saw seven fish being landed. The river started at 50 and all but one of the fish were landed before lunch. We had heavy rain during the morning and afternoon with the river peaking at 90 later on. Michael Wymes was first off the mark with a cracking fish from the Horseshoe of 9lbs8ozs on a Willie Gunn. Ash Mathews had two, one from the Rock pool of 6lbs1oz on a Frances and one from the Whin of 5lbs7ozs on a Cascade. His fishing partner for the morning Howard Williams also had one from the Meadow of 5lbs7ozs on a Cascade. David Gilpin had one from the Deadmans of 5lbs3ozs also on a Cascade.
Mike Shortt had a fish of 4lbs15ozs off Fin on a Collie Dog. The river was practically unfishable in the afternoon and rising rapidly and it wasn’t until 10pm that Ken McMillan managed to land the seventh of the day from the Turn pool of approx. 3lbs on a Cascade.

Helen Westropp
Helen Westropp

The 12th saw eight fish landed. George and Helen Westropp had two fish each. George had a lovely fish of 9lbs7ozs from the Holly pool on a Cascade, while Helen landed one on a Cascade of 4lbs11ozs from the Deadmans. In the afternoon George had one off Fin on a Red Frances of 4lbs, while Helen also had one off Fin of 3lbs5ozs on a Cascade. Alan Boyd had a stale springer off Fin of 7lbs10ozs on an Ally Shrimp and then proceeded to play a good double figure fish for half an hour before finally parting company.
David Gilpin also had two fish off the river, one from the Grilse pool of 3lbs5ozs and one from the Waterfall of 4lbs14ozs, both on a Gary Dog. Mike Shortt had a fish off the Turn pool of 4lbs6ozs on a Delphi Collie.
There were four landed on the 13th. Kurt Roth landed three of these. The first was from the Turn pool of 5lbs5ozs on a Black and Green, the second from the Fallen Tree on Fin on a cone head Frances of 3lbs9ozs and the third in the Stream of approximately 4lbs on a Green Peter. Ken McMillan also had a fish from the Meadow pool of approximately 3lbs on a Collie Dog.
The 14th we only had the one, but the day belonged totally to 11 year old Michelle Roth, Kurt’s daughter and Nick’s granddaughter. It was Michelle’s first salmon on the fly and it weighed in at 7lbs2ozs and was taken in the Road pool on a Frances. Well done Michelle from all here at Delphi.
There were three fish on the 15th. Helen Westropp had one from the Meadow pool of 3lbs14ozs on a Cascade. William Morrison also had one on a Cascade from the Rock pool of 4lbs4ozs and Mike Shortt had a cracking grilse of approx. 7.5lbs from the Deadmans also on a Cascade.
There were five on the 16th with Ken McMillan and Alan Boyd landing four off the river and meeting another ten. Ken had two, one from the Quarry pool of 2lbs12ozs and one from the Kings of 5lbs11ozs, both on Cascades. Alan had one from the Deadmans of 3lbs7ozs and one from Heneghans of approx. 5.5lbs, both also on a Cascade. Kurt Roth had the fifth of the day from the Steam on Fin of 3lbs5ozs on a Willie Gunn.
Four were landed on the 17th, with Patrick Carroll being first off the mark with a fish of 4lbs10ozs from the Quarry pool on a gold headed Red shrimp. Alan Boyd had two, one of 4lbs7ozs from the New Island and one of 3lbs4ozs from Morrisons, both on Cascades. Ken McMillan also had a fish of 3lbs8ozs from Deadmans on a Cascade.
Finally there were four yesterday. Michael Griffin had a lovely grilse of 6lbs2ozs from the Whin pool on a Willie Gunn. Ciaran Boland had one of approx. 4lbs also in the Whin on a Frances. 16 year old Seamus McEvoy managed to land his first ever on the fly from the Turn pool, unaided it must be said. The fish was taken on a Willie Gunn tube on a full sinking line and weighed in at 4lbs6ozs. Not to be outdone by my own son I managed to land my first Delphi fish of the year, weighing in at 4lbs11ozs from the Quarry on a Willie Gunn.
Water levels are still near perfect and there are fresh fish still running so I would expect the good fishing to hopefully continue.
David McEvoy
Delphi Fishery

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