Steven Powell reports on the Pontoon 21 Cup Competition on Lough Gowna last Sunday:

steven-powell-lough-gowna-pontoon-21-pic-1October 23rd saw what many Predator Angers hailed as one of the most significant mind set changes to modern day predator angling in Ireland – for our EU Counterparts this is already common practice and good event management at many European angling tournaments.

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Pontoon 21 cup competition on Lough Gowna 23 October 2015

Registration 7:00 am to 8:30 amsteven-powell-lough-gowna-pontoon-21-pic-2

Start: 9:00 am

Finish: 15:00 pm

Team: 1 boat max. 2 anglers

Entry Fee: €20 per person

All teams must have photo camera with display to be able to take picture of caught fish on measuring board. (Pike only)

To successfully make your catch count the following instructions were issued , having a basic camera with video capability is all you need, once you have made the necessary photos, all you need then is to switch to video mode and show them same fish going back, unhooking mat, measuring board and forceps is all that is required to fish this event.

steven-powell-lough-gowna-pontoon-21-event-pic-32 boat teams from attended Nicole and Colin Rutherford on boat 1 and Steven And Andrew Powell in boat 2, it was fantastic to see the measurement system in place and be able to see other anglers and the administration use it without fuss.

Father and daughter duo
Father and daughter duo

Fry fish were abundant and water temperatures were really cold making this event hard fishing , evidence of hard feeding fish were nil through out the day – with an occasional fish showing here and there . spinners wobblers, jerkbaits, jigs were all used on the day with 3 fish coming to the boat for Steven and Andrew 73cm,72cm,59cm total of 204cm 2 fish falling to a jerkbait and one to a soft plastic , Nicole and Colin had one fish at 56cm on a jerkbait .


What a great day,left this morning at 5.00am traveled 2 hours,fished the lure only event with 50 boats/100 anglers,fishing from 9.00am-3.00pm,catch,measure,photo,release…scoring done an prizes give in 45 mins,back home and in the house for 6.00pm…well done to all the winners at


Andy with one of his catches
Andy with one of his catches
Great prizes
Great prizes