Fishing is in the blood for the De Bruijn family and when they get the chance the brothers go angling.

Ray de Bruijn was in touch to report that between 29th October and 2nd November 2016, the 4 brothers went on a family annual fishing competition called GoneFishing ‘de Bruijn” in which approx. 30 (Thirty) Pike were caught on the Cloonfree Lake on a small boat and with the biggest Pike weighing in at 14,5lbs which was caught by Jan de Bruijn using a 3D Trolling Lures by Savage Gear. (See picture below)

The brothers also caught a 12lbs and 9lbs Pike amongst the 30 Pike caught. (More info:

It was a catch and release competition and no Pike were taken, killed or eaten.

14.5lb winner for Jan de Bruijn
14.5lb winner for Jan de Bruijn

Standings & Stats

1st Place Best Catch Winner + Biggest Catch Winner
12 Pike caught
Heaviest Pike 14.5lbs
Total weight 63.5lbs
+6 Out of Competition Catches (18)
Jonathan (aka Jonny)
2nd Place Best Catch Winner
6 Pike caught
Heaviest Pike 5.0lbs
Total weight 23.9lbs
+2 Out of Competition Catches (8)
Shane (aka himself)
Joint 3rd Place Winner
4 Pike caught
Heaviest Pike 4.9lbs
Total weight 16.4lbs
+1 Out of Competition Catches (5)
Ramon (aka Ray)
Joint 3rd Place Winner
4 Pike caught
Heaviest Pike 12.0lbs
Total weight 24.0lbs
+1 Out of Competition Catches (5)
Total Competition Pike Caught: 26
Total Out of Competition Pike Caught: 10
Total Pike Caught: 36