Billy Downes reports that as of Thursday 2nd June water just fallen below 1m at the Laune Bridge. The river is producing good sea trout fishing still and the odd salmon despite the nets.  News of salmon being landed during the week was scarce enough,   but Pat Sullivan managed to at least lose a really good fish on Monday last week and he landed a nice grilse of 5 lbs at Broderick’s on Thursday.   The commercial nets will be off over the long weekend and the best tides of the month are on Saturday to Monday thus improving prospects of a pull from a salmon.   The Laune has only fallen below 1m in the last day so water level will allow good fishing on all methods.

Visiting anglers will be welcomed by our members provided they have the required permit otherwise you will be trespassing on a several fishery and this will not be tolerated. Display your permit on your car and have the other portion in your possession and show it to water keepers and members when asked to do so.
Enjoy the weather and the fishing!

For further up to date information look up:   ‘Water Level’

Billy Downes,  Secretary
Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association

Go fishing…

Day permits are the same as last year €25 to the end of July and €35 for the months of August and September. Be sure to display your permit on the dash of your car with the date and permit number visible and have the other part with you because you will be asked by members to identify yourself as a legitimate ‘One Day Member’ / Permit Holder.

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