Billy Downes of the Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association reports:

As of Monday 3rd October Laune high and rising bringing the worst ever August/September fishing to an end and putting members of Laune Anglers out of their misery for another year.   There was no sign of any fish in the Laune main channel for the last two months and sadly the ending of the commercial netting in mid-August made no difference to angler’s catches or even the presence of fish in the river.

The year started well with some good spring fish landed in April and May.  The fishing in June and up to late July was pretty good and members were optimistic that 2016 was going to be better than recent years.  Another positive aspect of the past season was the good sea trout fishing.  There were good catches of trout up to three lbs caught on all methods from March right up to the second last day of the season.  Brown trout fishing saved the day for many anglers on their visit to the Laune during 2016.

Regrettably from late July, on the salmon front, things took a distinctive down turn with news of fish drying up, no pull and anglers were not even seeing fish holding in the pools.   This is a sad state of affairs for the majestic Laune, one of the most beautiful settings for fly fishing for salmon anywhere in the world.

Things can only get better in 2017 because they can hardly get much worse!!!!

Billy Downes,  Secretary
Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association

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