Stefan Martin from Killybegs Mariners SAC reports on the fishing around Donegal Bay…

28/05/2016: Narin Beach was like a paradise last night for the Mariners league outing, a lazy calm red sun scorched the whole sky crimson as she settled down for the night on the western Atlantic on Arranmore island it was a pleasure to be there to see it. The fishing was quiet enough in the flat conditions but Emma got plenty of fish again and a few more fish came after dark the most points prize went to John Cunningham and longest fish prize went to Stefan Martin a 34cm flounder. 10 anglers fished catching flounders, dogs and turbot. The last league outing will take place next Friday weather permitting. Well done to all and thanks again to our sponsors Mooney boats fishing tackle Killybegs.

30/05/2016: Went to our Turbot bank today in bright blue sky’s and the good weather even coaxed a former Ulster team captain and Irish team angler out of retirement to join me on the bank a great day out we both had loads of fine dabs and turbots and pollack to the lures catching and releasing some lovely fish that we shall try catch again some other day and hope the weather is the same, great to get out in that on the fantastic Donegal Bay.

31/05/2016: An epic day we had today wandering the shore with a spinning rod and a box of lures each chucking lures into every gully we came on just a fantastic way to fish on the move taking in the scenery and wildlife and getting smashed by the huge pollack and wrasse of Donegal Bay, reeling the jelly worms slowly just along the top of the kelp beds and bang reel peeling out line as the huge fish dived for the kelp absolute buzz, some lovely wrasse too and even a tompot Blenny, everything landed gently with a landing net, pictured and released to be caught again on our next adventures.

Next Mariners league outing will take place this Friday evening on Fintra 19.30 to 23.30pm. This is the 15th and final league outing of the league sponsored by Mooney boats

Stefan Martin
Killybegs mariners SAC