David McEvoy enjoys the cool but springlike weather in Delphi:
Well we have all come back down to earth after Yvonne’s beautiful 20lbs 6ozs salmon. The rain stopped much to most people’s delight, as a spell of dry settled weather began. After what was one of the wettest winters on record, it is indeed wonderful and uplifting to see clear blues skies and blazing sunshine. Not ideal salmon fishing weather it must be said, but one cannot please everyone.
Delphi - Scene babbling waterJust another word on Yvonne’s fish. Surprisingly it was a female and on reading the tag I discovered it was a three sea winter, which one would have expected. This will be confirmed with scale readings. The fish which was actually of 1SW parentage was released in late April 2013 and then more than likely migrated to the west coast of Greenland, where it fed for three years before returning home to Delphi and the Bundorragha river. Nature is indeed a truly amazing mystery that we often still find it hard to comprehend and hopefully it will remain that way.
Delphi - Scene 18.03.16As stated earlier the rain stopped after Yvonne’s fish on the 8th. One of our long standing German anglers managed to land a nice fish of approx. 7.5lbs on the 9th from the Waterfall on a Tosh tube. Whilst we had good water for the remainder of that week the fishing was slow, with nothing landed. The sun really started to shine from Sunday on and water levels started to drop off. There were however fish seen and lost on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but conditions were far from ideal with blazing sunshine and clear blue skies. The otter however was more successful some of our anglers yesterday found a freshly eaten fish on the New Island Pool.
Having said that one would find it hard to be in more stunning surroundings even though the weather at the moment is not ideal for fishing, it beats working! I shouldn’t say hopefully with most people enjoying the beautiful weather, but it looks like we may get rain later this week. Lucky for some!!
David McEvoy
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