The Fish Maniaks from Poland
The Fish Maniaks from Poland

The first leg of Fishmaniak Winter League was held on Lough Garadice on Sunday the 4th of December. The event was very successful and the organisers report that the weather was brilliant for pike fishing – a mix of clouds and sun.
One of the smaller pike caught
One of the smaller pike caught

Twelve enthusiastic contestants took part on the day and managed to catch 14 pike all together. The biggest pike was caught by Henryk Walkowiak – 99.5cm.
The Results of the Competition are as follows:

  1. Rafal Hara- 4 pike / 263cm
  2. Henryk Walkowiak – 3 pike/234cm
  3. Karol Lukasik- 2 pike/150cm
  4. Beata Kielak – 2 pike/141cm
  5. Cezary Kowalski – 2 pike /112cm
  6. Bartosz Wicher – 1 pike/75cm

All the pike were quickly measured and returned safely to the water.

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This Polish Fishing Club was founded in the fall of 2008,  the club brings together anglers residing in the Ireland  – to promote sportsmanship and basic principle Catch & Release.
Polski klub wędkarski powstał na jesieni 2008r założycielem oraz pomysłodawca jest Paweł Ładniak , klub zrzesza wędkarzy przebywających na wyspach , działania klubu są proste – propagowanie sportowej rywalizacji oraz podstawowa zasada Catch & Release .
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