Weather:  Weather during this week remained unsettled but mild.  Unfortunately, rain was never to far away in the Lower Shannon RBD.  Temperatures ranged between 10 degrees Celsius to 13 degrees Celsius and temperatures never fell below single figures during daylight hours.  Saturday the 28th was considerably choppy on the Lake with winds blowing in from a westerly direction.

Trout:  is closed in the area and no reports of trout fishing has occurred since the closure of the season.

Pike:  Pike fishing during the October Bank holiday was reasonably busy on Saturday the 28th with 25 Anglers met in the Dromineer area alone.  Anglers spoken to stated that Pike fishing was rather quiet with very little catches.  However, the Pike fishermen that were spoken to were happy to be out on the lake in any case and catching a good size pike was a bonus of their day out.  Fishing in the area closed early for most as winds started to hamper expeditions during the late afternoon.

One of Pierre Monjarret clients with a Pike caught on Lough Derg recently (Pierre Monjarret, 2017)
One of Pierre Monjarret clients with a Pike caught on Lough Derg recently (Pierre Monjarret, 2017)


Coarse:  Coarse Angling has been quiet during the last week and no anglers have been encountered by boat or vehicle.

Bio Security: As always, we would kindly like to remind all who use Irelands watercourses to please use appropriate biosecurity measures for themselves so to help prevent the spread of invasive species in and out of the water.

Water Safety: Birr staff are continuously encountering watercourse users who are not adhering to any water safety measures and the number of people fishing adjacent to or on deep water who are not using adequate flotation devises is alarming.  We would kindly like to remind all about the importance of Life Jackets as they really do save lives. Adequate Flotation devices should be worn at all times and it especially sets a template regards water safety where younger Anglers are present.  It’s fantastic to see the range of ages fishing on the rivers and lake of the Lower Shannon River Basin District at the moment and there’s a promising new generation of Anglers starting to emerge.  However, the importance of water safety is something everyone needs to be aware of.

 “Take only memories, leave only footprints”.  As always, The Birr staff would like to ask all who are using the water courses in the area to be mindful of littering and to please use bins provided or take home their rubbish.