The mullet are well and truly back on our Southern shores I’m glad to report. Richie Ryan has again been chasing the grey ghosts using his favourite method, the fly. “Probably the most frustrating fish I have ever encountered on the fly but they go like a steam train when hooked. It really has become an obsession with me as my my ever patient wife Liz can attest. ”

Mullet caught on fly
Jacques with his mullet

I think it’s worth repeating a section of a report from Richie in 2015 here…

“It’s such a pity that these fish when caught commercially are mainly used for fish food. I’ve has always felt that mullet could be just as valuable a resource as bass in future years to angling tourism. The time is ripe to save this species by introducing restrictions to prevent harvesting for such a meagre return. Mullet are present in the south of Ireland for practically the whole year and can give anglers great sport when other fish are absent. They are a slow growing species just like bass.”

Angler poses with mullet
Richie with his obsession – fly caught mullet

The guide has managed to catch mullet on the fly as early as January and thanks his good friend Andy Davies for introducing him to the sport and showing him the potential of this angling experience.

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