Lough Currane and River Inny updates from Vincent Appleby and the Waterville Lakes and Trust

The Appleby reports

18/4/18 Another Wild day on Lough Currane with a strong SE wind blowing with heavy showers, but this didn’t deter Kenmare Angler Mr. Dick Elder, catching a fine 9 lbs. Salmon on the fly and his gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of www.fishingwithdom.com was telling that it was especially made by Dick. Just for the record because of the wild conditions there were only one or two boats out manipulating. Wind as already stated, amount of rainfall 5.1mm. Maximum air temperature 12.8c

19/4/18 All quiet on the SW front in all departments. Wind SW light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover. Maximum air temperature 14.8c.

20/4/18 Lough Currane was all quiet on the SW front and to be fair to the Currane Anglers, Lough Currane is still on the rise and talking of the big flood, Local Gillie Mr. Terence Wharton Jnr. was telling me while holding the boat for his client in the Mouth of Commeragh yesterday, you could see current going all the way up to the Grey Rock and with 42.2mm of rainfall that’s not surprising. As there was no artistry in the angling department today, we will head for a bit of superb artistry with Vincent Donnelly and his brush and you can decide.

Wind West light to fresh and bright sunshine with cloud cover at times. Rainfall 0.1. Maximum air temperature 13.3c.

21/4/18 Yesterday it was the  artistry of the brush, well today Dublin Angler Mr. Leslie Sheil fishing out of www.butlerarms.com showed his fishing artistry in the trolling department today by catching a cracker of a 10 lbs. Salmon while fishing with his Gillie/Guide Mr. Tom O’Shea of  www.flyfishingatloughcurrane.com Wind South moderate and very sunny. Rainfall 10.7mm. Maximum air temperature 12.9.

22/4/18 There was some good fly action today, so straigt to the fly department, a Guest fishing with his Gillie Mr. Terence Wharton Jnr, caught a fine 10 lbs. Salmon on the fly. On that note we will head for catch of the day and that goes to Co. Clare angler Mr. Declan Macniery, while fly fishing with his Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of www.fishingwithdom.com  caught  a fine 14 lbs. Salmon on the fly. Dominic was telling me that it took 1 hour and 20 minutes to dispatch their fine Wild Atlantic Salmon. In the trolling department it was all quiet on the SW front. Wind SW fresh with reasonable cloud cover with showers. Rainfall 0.6mm. Maximum air temperature 12.1c.

Arthur with his salmon

23/4/18 All the fly action comes from the Bungalow, Mr. Arthur MisKelly of Armagh, fishing out of www.curranelodge.ie caught a fine 8 lbs. Salmon on the fly. While fishing with his gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea of www.flyfishingatloughcurrane.com and sadly I have noting to report in the trolling department. Wind SW fresh to strong and veered in the afternoon NW moderate. Rainfall 5.8mm.Maximum air temperature 12.7c

24/4/18 Mr. Anulak Hitmiangsong or Tham as he is known locally was the talk of the Currane anglers today and for good reason, Tham caught a fine 9 lbs, Salmon on the troll and for the rest of the angling community it was all quiet in all departments, so one can say without any fear of contradiction that Tham was the only angler on song today! Wind calm this morning and come afternoon there was a nice moderate breeze from the NW, with showers.

That is your ration from the last week on Lough Currane, from your Gillie and the Waterville Fishery, no spin no fly’s just facts.

Vincent Appleby

The Trust report

An angler fishes the fly in the lovely Butler Pool in Waterville. Seconds before this photo was taken a very large salmon, in the mid teens of pounds, jumped in front of the angler!

 Salmon now being caught on the fly on Lough Currane!

Despite the extreme variation in weather conditions this last week, anglers are reporting that fresh two sea winter salmon have been caught on Lough Currane. Three were caught on the fly by anglers fishing the main lies with their ghillies and three more were caught on the troll. A big improvement over the previous week.

Erasmus Students

Over the last three weeks the Waterville Lakes and Rivers Trust have co-hosted, with Sea Synergy in Waterville, a group of Erasmus students from France to work with the Trust on our conservation work. The work they did for the Trust involved helping with the conservation Hatchery at Derriana and studying invertebrate distribution in a number of streams throughout the Currane catchment. They had an opportunity to compare samples from the small streams running into the lakes with those from similar small coastal streams which discharge straight to salt water in Ballinskelligs Bay. It is not generally appreciated that these latter streams form important nurseries for sea trout and it is equally important that the Trust is able to monitor the health of the habitat in these coastal streams, particularly in view of the current threat to Waterville’s sea trout stocks. Many thanks to these guys for their hard work over the last 3 weeks!!

Hatchery work
Erasmus students from France working with the Waterville Lakes & Rivers Trust in the conservation hatchery…
sampling in a stream
…and investigating invertebrates in a mountain stream.


If you’d like to know how you can help out with our work email [email protected]

Rod Robinson
Waterville Lakes & Rivers Trust

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Vincent Appleby

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