Bluebell Community Angling Club fished their last match of their Winter League at the weekend….
15 April: Today saw the last match of the Winter League take place with all trophies up for grabs. There were no clear leaders going into the event, with very little between between the members. That all changed when Darren O’Hare struck into a fine pike of 13 lb, his first fish of the whole Winter League! His catch saw him race up the leader board and he landed leapfrogged ahead again when he caught a second pike of 7lb 15oz,  putting him in front on weight.

Darren O'Hare
Darren O’Hare

Just as the finish time came he landed one more pike making him the outright winner of the winter league as there were only 4 fish landed today, 3 for Darren O’Hare and 1 for John Ebbs.


  1. Darren O’Hare
  2. Stephen Brien
  3. Stephen Darcy

Well done to everyone taking part in the league.

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