Canney welcomes launch of new angling boats on Loughs Corrib and Mask

Clonbur Angling Centre launches new boats which will improve access to fishing on Loughs Corrib and Mask

Sean Canney TD, Minister with responsibility for the Inland Fisheries sector, welcomed the launch of two new grant-aided angling boats for Clonbur Angling Centre.

Minister Canney said: “The new boats will be used by local and visiting anglers on Lough Corrib and Lough Mask in counties Galway and Mayo and will not only boost the tourism angling offer in these areas but will also be available free of charge to novice anglers via angling clubs or associations which promote novice angling.

“This is an important feature of the support funding to encourage more young people, through the guidance of angling clubs, into fishing as a healthy outdoor leisure activity”, he added.

The boats, which were purchased with funding from Inland Fisheries Ireland’s National Strategy for Angling Development funding scheme, are 19 foot in length and will add to the centre’s existing fleet. Lough Corrib and Lough Mask are popular angling destinations in the West of Ireland with anglers looking to fish for trout.

Project supervisor Eamon Ealsh and applicant Hugh O’Donnell pictured with the 19 foot angling boats.

Clonbur Angling Centre is a private business which provides a complete self-catering package to anglers from angling boats and equipment to village and lakeshore accommodation. The Centre has three angling tour operators from Germany, Switzerland and France who regularly use the centre to facilitate tourists looking to fish in the area. It successfully applied for €4,000 from Inland Fisheries Ireland’s funding scheme to expand its fishing fleet with the new boats now available for hire at a reasonable cost. The boats will also be accessible free of charge to novice anglers via angling clubs or associations which promote novice angling.

Suzanne Campion, Head of Business Development at Inland Fisheries Ireland said: “Lough Mask is a renowned angling site for both domestic and visiting anglers. We hope these new boats will support existing boat hire opportunities on the lake while also driving local youth interest in angling and the fisheries resources. One of the aims of our National Strategy for Angling Development is to break down the barriers, both physical and social, which exist when it comes to accessing angling. We welcome the opportunity to work with local angling groups and businesses across the country who are looking to improve and drive interest in angling.”

Hugh O’Donnell, Clonbur Angling Centre said: “We are delighted to add two new angling boats to our fleet which will improve access to this prime angling location on Lough Corrib and Lough Mask. The funding from Inland Fisheries Ireland was crucial in allowing us to grow our angling business and support our local community in doing so.

We look forward to welcoming visiting anglers from all over Ireland and overseas to experience and enjoy the fishing here at their own pace. Our boats will be available to groups looking to support novice anglers in the community and we hope to help the next generation of anglers in discovering a hobby which can last a lifetime.”

Inland Fisheries Ireland’s National Strategy for Angling Development aims to ensure that Ireland’s fish stocks and angling infrastructure are protected and enhanced with a view to ensuring a sustainable habitat and the delivery of the economic, health and recreational benefits which they offer to communities across Ireland. Inland Fisheries Ireland is aiming to grow the angling sector’s socio-economic contribution of €836 million per year by an additional €60 million annually through the strategy. This will be achieved by driving angling participation among domestic and overseas visitors, which in turn is supported by improving access to fishing and developing angling infrastructure.

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