Ken Whelan is running at Water Resources Management Training Programme in Co. Louth on various dates this month and later in the year….

 Are you a resident of County Louth & are you interested in learning more about the conservation, management and protection of your local waterways – freshwater and coastal marine?


Louth LEADER are anxious to recruit participants/groups from County Louth to participate in a LEADER funded Water Resources Management Training programme delivered by myself and my colleague and Martin McGarrigle (formerly of the EPA). The programme will start with two days of training covering: water management, conservation and protection and water management action planning. Groups will prepare their own specific water management action plans for their local communities. Over Phase 2 of the programme we plan to mentor each group, guiding the preparation of the plans. This is a great opportunity to learn, share ideas, meet new people, and gain expert knowledge in the whole area of water conservation.

Closing date 9th September 2019

 Such knowledge can bring long term benefit to you and your community!

Let’s build together on the Community Vision for Dundalk Bay Rivers and Coastline (2017)

  • Are you an active member of a locally based community group?
  • Are you willing to invest 6 days of your time to work with a team of specialists to develop habitat & water quality projects to raise awareness of the valuable aquatic resources in your area? 

Based on the very successful Freshwater Detective Series of training programmes the training will:

  • Introduce you to the many sources of water in your area
  • Introduce you to the concept of water-based Catchment Management
  • Explain how your group can help to conserve and protect water resources and biodiversity in your townland
  • Help with the development of  local biodiversity and water management projects for your town or village  
  • Help your group to develop an Action Plan – individualised support and guidance will be available to develop such a plan
  • The training will include Study Visits to sites outside County Louth to learn how upskilling and knowledge can assist in the conservation of your valuable local aquatic resources

course brochure

Image of  Keeran Bridge courtesy of Michaela Kirrane, IFI