WE Sunday 30th June 1019.

Unsettled weather continued to affect angling last week but catches remained good with approximately 300 fish reported caught. Again, three quarters of the fish were caught on fisheries just downstream of Foxford and on fishery upstream of Foxford.

On the Moy Fishery, Steve Hazeldine UK 3.5 lbs on fly – Ridge Pool, Sergio Breton Diaz Spain 4+ lbs on fly – Weir Pool, Tristan Bayard France 5 lbs on fly – Cathedral Beat, Terry Hickman UK  5.75 lbs on fly – Cathedral Beat, Josh Devers Ballina [ 9 year old ] 5.75 lbs on worm – Cathedral Beat and Jean Christophe Chanteloube France 4 lbs on fly – Spring Wells Beat

Sergio Breton Diez from Spain releasing a fresh grilse on the Weir Pool

Upstream, the Foxford Fishery had another good week with Rod Singer and Gerry Cahill taking their first Moy salmon. Michael Raper, Darryl Kennedy and Dermot Hegarty all had fish. On the Cloongee Fishery, Pascal Tasset France had 6 fish for the week ranging from 2 to 9 lbs. all on bubble & fly. On the East Mayo Anglers’ water, Peter Thornton UK had 4.5+7+11.5 lbs on worm, Stephen Challinor UK  2.5+3 lbs on fly and Christian Bardet France 8 lbs on worm.

With a good show of fish now in the tidal waters, strong tides and much more settled weather we should see good fishing over the coming week with fish starting to lie in the mid river fisheries.