Moy system WE Sunday 15th September 2019.


Very mixed weather and fluctuating water levels lead to very poor angling conditions throughout the week. Angling effort was low overall with only 114 salmon reported caught. Ballina salmon anglers, Mount Falcon, Coolcronan, Armstrongs, Foxford salmon anglers Rinanney and The Foxford Fishery all had over a dozen fish each. Upstream of Foxford James Dickson UK. 4 lbs on spinner and Manuel Nabholz from Switzerland had a 8.5 lbs fish on spinner from the Cloongee Fishery. On East Mayo anglers water Domenik Weber from Germany had two fish of 6 lbs each and an 8 lbs fish and Yuki Kamizure from Japan had a 2.5 lbs fish on fly.

Ernie Gregg NI. releasing a fish on the Coolcronan Fishery.