The Slaney River Trust reports on the opening days on the River Slaney where good salmon fishing continues this week…

08 April: The first 8 days of the season have proven exciting for those anglers who were prepared to put the hours in with over 35 fish reported. Many of them were fresh run as shown by this sealiced example caught  this evening.

Sea lice on this Slaney salmon show how fresh it is…

The run is well spread out including examples from up river such as these springers from Shane Jenkins and Michael McCormack. Please note the careful C&R technique used in all cases. Ensure that the salmon remains in the water while being unhooked prior to release. A quick photo can be taken while supporting the salmon with both hands and lifting for a few seconds above the water level.

Shane Jenkins releases a Slaney salmon

Time out of the water should be kept to an absolute minimum and when a net is being used, this should remain in the water while unhooking. NEVER take the fish up onto the bank and NEVER carry the fish by its tail.

Slaney River Trust

Go fishing…

Regulations 2019

For 2019 the river is open for catch and release only for salmon from 1 April to 31 August. The regulations are set out here. Above the railway bridge in Enniscorthy fishing is fly only with barbless singles or doubles. A maximum of 3 seatrout under 40cms may be kept in any 24 hour period. All seatrout over 40 cms must be returned. While we are allowed use barbless doubles singles are very effective if the fish is held tightly.

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Anglers interested in obtaining fishing can enquire from the following:

  • Clohamon Fishery
    Contact David Dobbs tel 0879673111
  • Enniscorthy Anglers
    Contact Danny’s Angling and Outdoors, St Senans Rd, Enniscorthy.  Tel: 087 9005991.
  • Solsboro Fishing Association
    Contact Bernard Cash (daytime only) Tel 087 9225536 .
  • Tullow Salmon and Trout Anglers Association
    Contact Tom Dawson 087-9940877
  • Moyadie, Monfin, Glass Door and upper Ballycarney beats
    Contact Francis Fanning of Fanning Land & Property Services on 086 2650670 or 053 9422601.

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