This book – a landmark on the subject – features Ireland again and again. It shows how you can consistently catch specimen pike when fishing rivers, loughs and more.

How to Catch Big Pike
How to Catch Big Pike

Distinguished pike fisherman Paul Gustafson, an experienced biologist as well as a gifted angler and researcher, shows how you can develop techniques that will catch bigger pike when fishing any location. He describes how to locate the biggest fish in a fishery, the best way of catching it, and how to apply various clever techniques and the most effective tackle to achieve greater success.

His full-colour new edition includes photographs and specially commissioned artwork. It covers the very latest scientific discoveries about how pike detect their prey through dedicated olfactory organs; how they use their specialised sense of smell; and what it is exactly that pike see – with obvious relevance to choice of lures.

The author has also included new material on the fishing of loughs, lakes and rivers in Ireland; on fly fishing for pike; and on how to locate record pike in a chapter written by Fred Buller.

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Also available from Amazon. (I.S.B.N. is 9781845286040)

The book is available in Canada and America via Barnes and Noble.

pike dvd

Paul has previously released a DVD that also features Ireland, showcasing venues in Cavan and the Lake Counties, Lough Erne, Lough Ramor, Lough Gowna, Lough Oughter and many more. Fly fishing, dead baiting, lure fishing and trolling are all covered in this lovely film with fish of over 23lb being caught. They’re not available in the shops but you might get lucky on one of the online resellers…