Janet McDonnell from Kylemore House Fishery was in touch with a report of a very large trout caught by Eric Logan last week. The report was compiled by Dave Richards, one of the DADS involved.


Rainbow over lake
Gold at the end of the rainbow
DADS on Tour

On Tuesday 10th of September six anglers from the Dublin Amateur Dapping Society (DADS) set out from the jetty at Kylemore House. Armed with expert advice from their gracious host Janet, three boats set off in different directions to start their drifts.
The day was overcast with wind gusts of 28 kmh from the south west making casting extremely difficult .

On their first drift across the lake, Eric Logan and Dave Richards  brought up a salmon but failed to connect. Throughout the morning the group continued to connect with trout, with Paul Murphy landing a fine 1lb 8oz  sea trout .


Monster Trout

As the weather calmed slightly in the afternoon, Eric Logan, casting a team of wet flies, struck into a  fish which at first seemed small.  Eric was taken by surprise when the fish quickly stripped 30 metres of fly line right down to the backing. This was no ordinary fish and several times it made an attempt to run under the boat to evade capture. On the third occasion, following a 15 minute tussle the fish finally showed on the surface and was quickly landed. The trout was  put on an electronic scales and its weight was recorded by the boating partner as 8lb 4oz! It was a mature cock trout and appears to be the largest trout that has been caught on the lake this century. The trout was given time to recover and was released back into the lake.


Eric Logan with his 8lb 4oz sea trout
Eric Logan with his 8lb 4oz sea trout

Later in the afternoon the weather closed in again and conditions became more difficult. The final  drift produced  further freshly run sea trout which were returned into the system. While the weather disappointed the lake certainly did not.  As a group we were enthralled by our first experience of this lake and its dramatic setting. We are already making plans  to return next season.

Without scale analysis it is impossible to tell whether the fish was a ferox trout, or a sea trout that had been in the system a long time, but whatever it was, it was the fish of a lifetime for Eric. Dave reports that his smile was still there 5 days later

Large trout on floor of boat
The monster trout from Kylemore Lough


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