Vincent Appleby reports from Lough Currane…

13/8/20 Again today very humid, followed by heavy showers, wind exceptionally light and variable mainly from the Northeast, humidity 95%. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 20.6 centigrade.

14/8/20 Well the Inny Catch and release anglers did not get their flood, well that’s nature for you, so on that note we will head out onto Lough Currane where there were five boats out manipulating their flies and lures on this very humid day at 96%. You do not need to be a Rocket scientist to know that their efforts were in vain. Wind Southwest light and overcast all day. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 20.0 centigrade.

Inny in flood

15/8/20 Well in yesterday’s notes I said the Inny catch and release anglers did not get their flood, well they did not have to wait long because last night and early this morning the heavens opened and thunder and lightning struck the Inny and went into a raging flood, I can tell you come this lunchtime the Inny catch release Anglers were in full swing or put it this way they dam well ought to be because going by the Inny detective agency, this is the best season for a good many years, I can say without any fear of contradiction the Porkies have been caught and released without charge. Now we head for Lough Currane, all quiet on all fronts, you do not have to be a mathematician to work out the angler’s common denominator! Wind West Southwest light to calm and overcast and very humid at 96%. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 20.9 centigrade.

Boat on Ballinaskelligs Bay
You’re going the wrong way!

16/8/20 The Lough Currane Anglers were all quiet as you can imagine as they put their catch and release Inny hats on and headed for the Inny for a few rod benders, except for one angler made the wrong turn and headed out into Ballinskelligs Bay, as you can see by the picture. Now back to yesterday’s flood in Kerry The River Roughty In Kenmare was in full blast as you can see when you click the link, thanks to Mr. Jerry O’Sullivan of Radio Kerry. Wind WSW light with bright sunshine in the morning, it became more overcast in the afternoon, yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 32.6 mm. Maximum air temperature 18.6 centigrade.

17/8/20 Lough Currane was as calm as a lamb in all departments. Wind was here, there, and everywhere, so I will leave it to your own imagination, with reasonable cloud cover. The same goes for the Inny. Today’s humidity 93%. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 20.0 centigrade.

A calm lough currane
The calm before Ellen takes control

18/8/20 Currane Anglers were all quiet on all fronts as we wait for Storm Ellen to hit Kerry, you could say the calm before the storm, as you can see by the photo Currane was on the calm side with a light Westerly wind and variable with reasonable cloud cover. Just for the record Storm Ellen’s status orange for Galway, Mayo, Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Waterford. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 18.6 centigrade.

19/8/20 Lough Currane was all quiet on all fronts. Wind light and variable and very humid at 90%. To be fair to the Currane anglers, they would be more interested in securing their boats down in anticipation of Ellen. One can say without any fear of contradiction everyone is waiting for Storm Ellen and hoping for the best that we all will get away with it lightly, especially our good neighbours Co. Cork who are on a Red alert, so all I can say is to the Island of Ireland keep safe and batten down the hatches. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 20.4 centigrade.

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