Vincent Appleby reports from the shores of Lough Currane:

24/6/20 Made a good drop of rain last night which was no harm. Wind was light and variable from the Northeast to the Northwest. The Salmon were staying deep and putting the Currane Anglers in deep deep Salmon depression. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 14.9°C.

25/6/20 Lough Currane was all quiet in all departments this hot and humid day, with a light to calm and variable wind mainly Northwest. Now we head for the Ghillie Technical department, just for the record Mr. Neil O’Shea of  has changed his business  email so just click the www, If you are in a lazy mode? [email protected] Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 16.6°C.

26/6/20 The Currane anglers look to the sky as their reels stayed silent this day. Wind Southeast variable Light to fresh followed light rain at times. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 19.4°C.

27/6/20 No Reports of any action on this wild and windy day. Wind was Northwest fresh to strong followed by heavy showers throughout the day, humidity 81%, maximum air temperature 15.5°C.

28/6/20 The Currane Anglers were all quiet this day, the same could not be said for the weather with a strong Northwest and overcast with heavy showers. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 15.1°C.

29/6/20 As the Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts opened their doors today, after three months of dry throats, you can understand the Currane Anglers were gasping for their pint and as the surge gained momentum this evening in pulling their pints, I can say where the Currane Anglers are concerned there was no pulling Wild Salmon or Sea Trout over the gunnell this day. Wind West light with reasonable cloud cover, Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 14.6°C.

30/6/20 Good News from our Chairman Mr. Michael Roden:

Now that the lockdown is over and restrictions are being eased, we are delighted to announce that the Waterville upper lakes Derriana, Cloonaughlin and Namona, along with beats on the Inny and Cummeragh are now open again. A new club has been established under the guidance of a committee including Michael Roden, Kevin O’Sullivan, Neil O’Shea, John Quinlan, and Tadgh O’Sullivan to oversee angling activities on these spectacular fisheries. Currane Fisheries Ltd will also run the hatchery and organise the annual cleaning of the spawning streams. Please support this community based not for profit initiative. Memberships and day tickets are available from the Mace shop in Waterville.

Now today’s manipulations on Lough Currane, going by the mobile all quiet on all fronts. Wind Southwest then veered Northwest with misty rain this morning, humidity 87%. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 14.7°C.

1/7/20 Today’s action, all quiet on all fronts. Wind Northwest light and overcast, humidity 88% Lough Currane Moon Phase Waxing Gibbous. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 16.5°C.