CM Lakelands Feeder Club held a club match over the weekend with 23 anglers competing in two rotations; A on Loughs Skeagh and Drumkeary with B on Barnagrove lake.

The best fishing over the two days was on the Skeagh/Drumkeary rotation, with the bigger bags caught on Saturday, best of which was the 10.440kg caught by Steve Whyte. On Barnagrove the fishing was better on Sunday, although the best weight was only 3.580kg for Joe Nolan.

Saturday’s top 2 overall drew very near to each other on Barnagrove, with Brenton Sweeney eventually overtaking Steve Whyte by just 1kg to take the overall title by just over 200grms.

The prizegiving

Section winners Saturday:
Stevie Whyte
Seamus Winters
Nigel Houldsworth
Rimantas Kondrackas
Niall McKitterick
Darren Fairhurst.

Section winners Sunday:
Rimantas Kondrackas
Neil Mazurick
Darren Fairhurst
Brenton Sweeney
Seamus Winters
Joe Nolan

Top 5 overall was paid out

1st Brenton Sweeney 12.430kg
2nd Steve Whyte 12.170kg
3rd Darren Fairhurst 10.280kg
4th Seamus Winters 7.600kg
5th Andy Chapman 7.530kg