The Lough Muckno Festival group posted this report on their recent open match:

Peter Horbinski won the recent open match on Lough Muckno which was held last Sunday, Nov 7th. Peter had 19 lbs of pole caught fish on Yellow Island and was followed closely by D Fairhurst and J McKinley just grams behind. The draw for the match was held at the Old Coach House as usual at 8.30am and the match was held on Yellow Island pegs 195 upwards on a two in, one out, basis.
The good fishing augers well for the impending Winter league events on the ever productive Lough Muckno – for more info keep an eye on their Facebook page.
Barring the barren month of May when the Roach exit to spawn, Lough Muckno once again yielded super weights all through this year, capped by highs of up to 30 kgs per man, in five hour matches.
Top Weights can and do come off all pegs on all sections, amounting to 250 park beside pegs, and fall to all methods, depending on ability and venue knowledge.
Sunday’s results
  1. Peter Horbinski
  2. Darren Fairhurst.
  3. Johnny McKinley
  • A. Dave Wursnip
  • B Alan Larkin
With many enquiries from the UK on the schedule for 2022, we will post soon on this situation.