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23/9/2021 The Currane drifters were in action and caught a few Trout this day. Wind light to fresh and bright and sunny all day.

24/9/2021 Straight to the Currane fly drifters, there was some great sport on the drift today in the Sea Trout and Brown Trout department. All the action was in Coffees Bay and Donnelly’s Bay, the biggest rod bender of the day was a fine 5 lbs Sea Trout. Wind West light and variable and overcast.

Lough Currane,
Lough Currane 25 September 2021

25/9/2021 The Currane Drifters were out in force today with eight boats out and Waterville Boats and at [email protected] take the headlines with a few nice Trout caught on the flies in their hired-out boats and I’m sure the other Currane drifters had a few Trout to their rods. Wind S Veered SSW light, with reasonable cloud cover.

26/9/21 In the hired-out boat department of [email protected] there were a few Sea Trout caught on the drift and by all accounts there were a few nice Sea Trout also caught today by other Currane drifters. Now we head up stream to the Commeragh River, there was one angler manipulating his skills but as of yet my mobile is all quiet and the same for the Inny C&R anglers, who also were manipulating their skills, I will let you draw your own conclusions. Wind S and veered NW light and variable with good cloud cover.

27/9/2021 The Currane drifters headed out this morning and came across some good Trout action in Coffees Bay and around the Rabbit Island. The Salmon department was all quiet in all departments. Wind light with good cloud cover, followed by heavy showers at times.

28/9/2021 We start in the back date department from the renowned UK Hampshire Hogs fly anglers, on their annual visit to the Waterville Fishery last week so here is their report take it away, it’s all yours Hampshire Hogs.

Hampshire Hogs Fishing out of Waterville Boats at [email protected] and the World Famous Butlers Pool at

Hi Vincent, after nearly 2 years absence it was great to finally land back in Waterville and get fishing! The first couple of days on the lake were very tough, a few trout coming to the fly and troll and the occasional salmon seen but not in the taking mood. Whether they are still on the bottom waiting for cooler or more water or have already run upstream is anybody’s guess. We decided to mix up the fishing with mornings on the Butlers Pool, afternoons on the lake and a couple of visits to Copal lake thrown in. The salmon in the pool proved more obliging, with a 13 pounder for Nigel Henshaw, an 8 pounder for Trevor Dewberry and 5 grilse across 4 days for Peter Ruffle, plus 4 fish lost while being played.

A total of around 50 trout to 3 1/2 lbs, plus some fair-sized brownies, were landed between us over the six days from Currane and Copal. In all, another great trip to Waterville and now the long wait until next spring before we can try again.

Now to today’s facts, all that was reported was just a few Trout caught on the drift. In the Salmon department all quiet on the SW front. Wind West light and veered NW this evening, reasonable cloud cover followed by heavy hale showers at times.

29/9/2021 We start with the Currane drifter’s and for all their efforts they caught a few Trout, on that note we will head upstream, there was one angler manipulating his worms on the Commeragh but as of yet one has not received any text so we will take it his efforts weren’t rewarded. Now we cut across the Valley to the C&R River Inny and it was great to hear there were two Salmon caught on the fly and one on the spin. Wind NW veered and SW in the afternoon light to fresh.

Vincent Appleby

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