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Some nice trout in the 2 to 3 lbs. range caught on Conn but generally a tough week

A 2.75 lbs. trout caught by Kevin O’Boyle on a Claret Bumble

Lough Conn & Lough Cullin Angling Report week ending 6/6/21

Heavy rain and some strong south easterly winds had an impact on angling. Heavy thunder bursts and with some low air pressure kept the fish down.  A particularly tough week weather and fish wise on the lakes. Lough Cullin only reported 4 trout towards end of the week.

On Lough Conn, Murphy’s Boat Hire had a party of 6 anglers from Wicklow, organised by Michael Sheeran. They had good sport over three days, averaging 10 trout to the boat a day, all released. The best trout weighed 2 lbs. and the fish were caught all around the Massbrook area of the lake.

Along the Brackwansha Shore and Cormorant Rocks, Francie White, Sligo, and Stephen Browne, Cloghans, had 8 keepers, the best weighing 1.75 lbs., all released. Peter Roche also had some good fishing in Brackwansha on dry olives, the heaviest trout weighing 1.5 lbs.

In North Conn, some Dublin anglers ventured out with some of the locals. In Neds Bay Willie Scully and Tony Mc Grattan, Dublin, had 4 keepers over 2 days with numerous smaller fish all released. John O’ Neill and Gerry Heaslip, Dublin, had a large number of small trout to the boat and overall had 5 keepers each, along the islands near Bog Bay. All fish were released.

Colm Mc Andrew from Lahardane, had some good fishing with the best trout for 2 lbs. outside Castlehill Bay.  Donal Rafferty from Dublin had 6 keepers, in Bog Bay, the heaviest weighing 2.5 lbs. and 3 pounder on wet mayflies, all released.

Declan Cooke had 2 trout to the boat while fishing with Kevin O’ Boyle along Mossop’s Rock. Kevin had a trout for 2.75 lbs. on a Claret Bumble. In Tolan’s Bay Kevin returned 2 small trout while Declan lost a good fish after about 2 minutes of playing the fish.

Kevin O’Boyle releasing a fine trout on Conn

Six salmon were also reported from Lough Conn, mostly trolling spoons although two of the fish were caught on mayflies! Two of these salmon were caught in Victoria Bay, one in Massbrook and the other 3 near the River Deel.