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Best week for anglers on the Moy so far

Ridge Pool Ballina

Kevin O’Boyle reports from the River Moy…

Angling Report week ending 6/6/21

The River Moy reported 117 salmon caught for the week which consisted of mixed weather remaining on the cool side with a distinctive nip in the air. Water levels decreased marginally throughout the week ranging from 0.54m at the start of the week to 0.45m on Sunday 6th June. These levels were recorded at the OPW gauge at Childers Heights just upstream of Ballina.

Starting at the Ridge Pool on the Moy Fishery, 3 Salmon were recorded caught, two on the fly and one caught on a worm. A lot of fish were observed moving upstream through the weirs. One salmon was also caught on the Cathedral Beat.

Seventeen salmon were reported from Ballina Salmon Anglers, the biggest being 7 lbs. while most averaged 3-4 lbs. Some were caught on bubble & fly while most were caught on the worm.

Knockmore Anglers reported 4 salmon, all grilse, while 2 grilse were caught in Attymass waters at Padden’s Pool.

Coolcronan Fishery reported one salmon caught and the fishery is open to the public with some good bank fishing available.  Anglers are limited on the fishery to ensure space and peace. Permits range from €30 for a half day to €55 for a full day which is considered dawn to dusk. Weekly permits are also available, and prices are flexible. Permits can be obtained by contacting Nick Cousins on +353 (0)83 8344114.

Armstrong’s Fishery reported 5 Salmon for the week, the best weighing 13 lbs., caught on a worm, others caught on the shrimp.

Byrne’s Fishery reported 3 salmon for the week.

Granville Nesbitt reported 10 salmon caught in the Foxford Fishery, the best fish weighing 13 lbs. on the prawn.

Gannon’s Fishery reported 4 salmon for the week. Thomas Keller from Germany had the best salmon for 13 lbs. on a shrimp.

Foxford Salmon Anglers had an exceptionally good week with 28 salmon reported from their various waters. The best was a fish of 13 lbs. with a considerable number of salmon released.  All angling methods worked well, and the river is in good condition for the coming week.

Cloongee Fishery had 4 salmon mostly at the lower reaches of the Fishery all on bubble and fly to various Cascade patterns.

Numbers were down on East Mayo Anglers’ water who reported 13 salmon, of which 10 were released. The heaviest fish was caught by Paul Mc Grath, Swinford, for 12 lbs. on the fly, while Richard Quinn from Wicklow had a 12 lbs. salmon on a spoon. Most were big fish in double figures with the smallest weighing 5 lbs.

Paul Kelly, Sligo, with a 10 lbs. salmon caught on East Mayo Anglers’ waters

Some small salmon were reported upstream of Cloongullaun Bridge, 6 grilse mostly caught on worms or bubble and fly.

Reports of 2 salmon caught on the Ballyvary River were received while 4 salmon were reported from the River Deel. Two of these were caught on the fly, and one each on the worm and prawn.