78 anglers had to face biting and blustery easterly winds last week as they competed for the title of Sensas King of the Canal at Daingan. Strong winds and pole fishing are not the best of bedfellows, and the gusts made it tricky for the anglers to present a bait effectively. With roach still absent due to spawning, most of the better weights came from skimmers with the odd bream or tench an added bonus. In a close fought battle, Willie Wheeler came out on top with a weight of 14lb 14oz.

A nice mixed bag 

Results as follows:

1st Overall – Willie Wheeler (Sensas Ireland) – 14lb 14oz
2nd Overall – Saulys Martiukaitis (Ireland) – 14lb 1oz
3rd Overall – Danny Martin (Wigan) – 13lb 10oz
4th Overall – Conor Browne (Sensas Ireland) – 7lb 1oz
5th Overall – Fred Lakin (UK) – 6lb 10oz
6th Overall – Gordon Houlibecq (UK) – 6lb 0oz
Section Prizes:
Pegs 1-5 – Conor Browne (Sensas Ireland) – 7lb 1oz
Pegs 6-10 – Paul Hughes (Sensas Northwest) – 3lb 2oz
Pegs 12-15 – Andrius Saulys (Ireland) – 5lb 2oz
Pegs 16-20 – Colin Oliver (Sensas Ireland) – 2lb 13oz
Pegs 21-26 – Aidas (Ireland) – 2lb 11oz
Pegs 27-31 – Simon Mott (UK) – 3lb 4oz
Pegs 32-36 – Mick O Connor (Ireland) – 2lb 4oz
Pegs 37-41 – Shane Kavanagh (Sensas Ireland) – 2lb 6oz
Pegs 42-46 – Willie Wheeler (Sensas Ireland) – 14lb 14oz
Pegs 47-52 – John Jurj (Sensas Ireland) – 4lb 14oz
Pegs 53-58 – Fred Lakin (UK) – 6lb 10oz
Pegs 59-64 – Chris Moore (Ireland) – 3lb 11oz
Pegs 65-70 – Ron Durkin (Ireland) – 0lb 12oz
Pegs 71-76 – Saulys Martiukaitis (Ireland) – 14lb 1oz
Pegs 77-78 – Danny Martin (Wigan) – 13lb 10oz
Heaviest Tench – Chris Skinner (UK) – 2lb 11oz
Mystery Weight – Gavin Charnock (UK) – 2lb 4oz
Worst Draw Award – Tommy Fairhurst (Wigan)
Tench we a welcome addition to some bags