Last week we reported on the first fish being caught at Delphi. Well it appears the fishery has had a run of spring fish, as 5 more fish have been landed since then.

Simon Cassidy makes a cast on the Bundorragha River, Delphi Fishery.

After Jurgen Mantel’s opening fish last week, Meath angler Simon Cassidy was next to score. Simon landed a lovely 7lbs 14oz ranched fishing from Cooleens on a Monkey Dog fly.

Simon Cassidy with his cracking 7lbs 14oz springer from Delphi.

Not content with one fish, Simon was back on the river the next day, this time landing a wild fish estimated at 7lbs, which gave him a great fight. All wild fish are released at Delphi, and Simon released this one quickly. He even got a nice video of the great fight and release.

The next day Luke Drea and Jack Rogers were both fishing the Meadow Pool. Luke landed a fine 8lbs 8oz salmon on a Monkey Dog, and just a few minutes later Jack had a 7lbs 14oz springer from the same lie on a Wilie Gunn. Great sport!

Jack Rogers with another nice spring fish from Delphi.

Despite lovely water, no fish were reported then until yesterday, the 9th, when Galway angler Denis Quill landed a fine 10lbs 15oz fish from the Meadow Pool on a Willie Gunn.

Any fish killed were ranched fish from the Delphi hatchery, the wild fish caught was released.

Go fishing…

At Delphi Lodge, with many years of experience with the timing of the best runs of fish, we have in place a price system that offers both great value fishing and lets our anglers know when they have the best chance to catch a fresh run spring salmon or a summer grilse or Delphi sea trout.

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