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Fishing on the Moy improving after flood

Freddie Duncalf, from Wales with a salmon from East Mayo Anglers waters before release

Kevin O’Boyle reports from the River Moy…

River Moy Angling Report w/e 22/05/2022

104 Salmon were reported caught for the week in the Moy catchment of which 82 of these were caught on the River Moy itself.  Water levels recorded at Ballylahan Bridge were 0.448m on Monday morning and after heavy rain on Wednesday night, rose quite quickly to 0.827m and levelled back again during the week to 0.467m by Sunday night.  Water temperatures were 10˚ Celsius throughout the system for the first time this year.

The Moy Fishery recorded one salmon caught for the week. The fish weighed 9.25 lbs. and was caught on the Ridge Pool using a spinner.

Ballina Salmon Anglers reported 7 salmon, the best for 10 lbs. on a worm.

Mount Falcon Fishery recorded their first salmon of the year caught on a Toby for 6.5 lbs.

Coolcronan Fishery had their two first salmon of the season also. Ian Lennon from Ballina kicked off the year with a 4 lbs. salmon, while spinning.

Byrne’s Fishery reported one salmon for the week.

Armstrong’s Fishery had 3 salmon, all caught on prawns.

Gannon’s Fishery reported 5 salmon caught, the best for 9 lbs., all on the spinner and prawn.

The Foxford Fishery reported 2 salmon, caught on worms, the best weighing 10 lbs.

Foxford Salmon Anglers reported 22 salmon from their fisheries, 5 in Baker’s waters and 17 from Rinnaney waters.

At least 2 salmon were reported from Foxford Town water.

East Mayo Anglers recorded 36 salmon, with 11 of these released. The best fish weighed 14 lbs. and was caught on a spoon.

At least 2 salmon were reported from the Ballyvary River.

9 salmon were reported caught on Lough Conn, mostly trolling spoons.

Reports from the river Deel say that 11 salmon were caught, mostly on prawns with a few spinning.