Kevin O’Boyle reports from the River Moy…


Week ending 21/08/2022



A relatively quiet week on the Moy Catchment, with 89 salmon caught and 9 released.

Water levels remaining extremely low. Water levels at Ballylahan Bridge on Monday morning were recorded at 0.19 m remaining low all week with a slight rise early on Sunday morning to 0.355m and dropping back to 0.281m by Sunday night.


The Moy Fishery recorded 2 salmon for the week on the Cascade fly.


Ballina Salmon Anglers reported 14 grilse from 2-5 lbs mostly caught on the worm.


Knockmore Anglers association report 2 from their water.


Mount Falcon Fishery report 21 grilse from its waters for the week, mostly on bubble and fly to the Curry red and Foxford Shrimp flies.


Coolcronan Fishery had 5 grilse for the week, caught on the prawn and spinning.


Armstrong’s Fishery reported 3 salmon for the week, all on the shrimp.


Gannon’s Fishery had 1 salmon for the week, all on the bubble and fly.


The Foxford Fishery reported 17 grilse, all caught on bubble and fly.


Foxford Salmon Anglers reported 1 from Bakers waters and 9 salmon from their Rinnaney stretch.


Foxford Town stretch reports at least 1 salmon caught on bubble and fly.


Cloongee Fishery reported 1 grilse for the week.


East Mayo Anglers recorded 10 salmon for the week, with 9 released.



Lough Conn. Several reports suggest 2 salmon caught trolling spoons, with a lot of Anglers complaining about the amount of weed growing since June.