Before the good weather, skipper Luke Aston gave some of his guests more sheltered fishing in the Shannon Estuary. Although fishing was described as slow, the crew aquitted themselves well, reeling in some lovely thornback ray to double figures

An impressive thornback ray

Another nice thornie

Luke got some downtime from fishing to get the boat lifted out and cleaned – a vital job that actually saves money, as the growth under the water line creates drag and bruns more diesel!

A day charter at the weekend were “blessed with the weather and we had good steady fishing through the day. Plenty Mackerel at the loop and indeed we would come on them at times further off. General fishing was good with a fine mix of Pollack and some Coalfish, Whiting, Codling, Haddock and a nice Ling.

We also got onto some steady Spurdog fishing but the general run was a bit smaller at 6 to 8lbs.
Pollack came aboard all day

Finally, a group in for a few days targeting the monster sixgill shark have had a tough time. As Luke says “Well what a beautiful day on the sea, but we had nothing to show for it but sweat!

A couple of lads have been in for 3 days at the SixGill and both have had one before so they knew what to expect. But after now show for 2 days we got a heavy fish on today. After about an hours fight the fish started to move and swam up tide a bit. Then unfortunately it seemed to get the trace round a reef and managed to get off. So all Gary had to show for a hard hour and a half was sore legs.”

Better luck next time Gary!

Under pressure!

Go fishing…

Clare Dragoon

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