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Bright sunshine and warm temperatures don’t help anglers on Conn & Cullin

Brendan Murphy released this trout from near Cormorant Rocks on Lough Conn.

Kevin O’Bole reports from Loughs Conn & Cullin…

Angling Report week ending 31/07/22

The lakes are quiet and fishing poorly.  Most anglers heading out are not seeing any fish movement or activity for days on end.

Harry Mc Cafferty, Brackwansha and friend fished a few days with only 2 small trout to the boat, which were all released.

A party of four in two boats from Murphy’s Boat Hire had some small trout to the boat all returned, over 3 days.

Enniscrone Angler Gerry Fitzsimons had 3 trout and some good perch, all released on the Tasmanian Devil while trolling for salmon, off Castle Island and Roe Island.

Congratulations and well done to the Irish Youth Team on winning the Youth’s International on Lough Lene in Mullingar last week and to their captain, Jim Kelly from Cloghans, grandson of Padraic and Carmel Kelly, Cloghans.

Angling report week ending 07/08/22

Overall trout angling is poor on the lakes and bright sunshine accompanied by warm temperatures is not helping. Anglers are reporting a lot of weed growth in many bays and virtually no fly life on the surface. Several reports from the lake suggest the few anglers who ventured out, with some persistence and hard work and patience got results.

Local angler Peter Roche from Cloghans, fished 2 days with Gary Binley from Foxford in South Conn and had 5 fish to the boat on wet flies.  Unfortunately, none of these fish were to the measure and all were released.  On the second day in North Conn along Annagh Island shore Peter had 2 keepers to the boat on a Claret Hopper, and a few smaller fish to the boat all released as they fished into deeper water.

Dominick Mc Gowan from Foxford and John O Connell, Foxford, fished Coleman Shallows, Massbrook Point, Cormorant Rocks and Brackwansha shore and had several small fish with just one keeper.  All fish were caught on wet flies and all were released.

Brendan Murphy and a friend fished out of Cloghans Bay, and they had 7 trout at Cormorant Rocks and 2 more along Brackwansha. All the fish measured just around 11” limit and were all released.

Best flies for the week included Claret Hopper, Daddies and Dabblers.