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Catches improving on Conn and Cullin


LOUGHS CONN & CULLIN Angling Report: Week ending 08/05/2022

The lakes are improving slowly but surely. Temperatures improved as the week went on, as did the catches.  Hatches were sporadic with Mayfly reported from most bays in the lakes. Shallow and sheltered bays on Lough Conn were the most successful, namely Cloghans Bay, Castlehill Bay, Inishlea Bay and Bog Bay. The most productive flies for the week included, dry Mayfly, assorted Olive patterns including Sooty Olives, Bumbles, Claret Dabblers and Raymond.

On North Conn, Simon Leonard from Ballina had two trout for just over 2.5 lbs. near Kents Pool. An angler from County Antrim fishing out of Ian Wises at Cloonamoyne landed eighteen trout for the week, all on dry Mayflies. Ken McLoughlin from Castlebar had two small trout for over 1 lb. each, released, caught on Sooty Olives in Tolan’s Bay.

Nicky Smyth from Foxford had one trout for over 2 lbs. on a Green Wulff, while fishing partner Shane from Knockmore had two small trout on wet mayflies also released in Bog Bay. Adrian Murphy from Cloghans and John Burke, Foxford, fished Castlehill Bay and had some good sport, with Adrian having two keepers, caught on dry Olives and John with two trout for nearly 3 lbs. on bumbles, all released.

The ITFFA Connacht Cup was held on Sunday from Gortnorabbey Harbour with a 30 cm catch and release limit. Forty-eight anglers fished with seventy-four trout recorded.  Nathan Creaven from Tuam, was the overall winner with four trout caught on dry Olives.

Nathan Creaven released this trout over 2 lbs., caught on a dry Olive in Inishlea Bay.

Lough Cullin saw its busiest week to date. Anglers reported some lively fishing although most fish were small and were all released.

Kevin Gallagher and Padraic Kelly from Castlebar fished Lough Cullin on Sunday 8th May and had over twenty trout to the boat for the day. Most of these fish were small and were mainly caught on wet Mayfly and Olive patterns.  All fish were released.

A nice trout caught on Lough Cullin on Sunday 8th May, released alive

The annual Albert Berry Cup, partners competition was held at the weekend with forty-four anglers taking part. All anglers had an enjoyable few days’ angling and are already looking forward to 2023. Thirty-four trout were caught and released.  Pat Foley from Cavan was the overall winner with fishing partner Gerry Hughes. Pat had five trout over two days for 6.9 lbs. and had heaviest trout for 2.12 lbs.