Dan O’Neill, fishery manager at Mount Juliet reports on the switch from river to lake fishing as Autumn gets under way and the game season ends…

With Autumn well and truly underway the transition from river angler to lake and course angler takes place for me. I am almost anxious this time of year wondering how I will get my “fix” of fishing in. It’s not long before I am reminded that there are plenty of opportunities to get out and do some fishing over the autumn and winter months. An upcoming trip for my apprentice and I with Irish pike fishing guides in October and plenty of perch and pike on the River Barrow. Come to think of it reading back on this piece I think the transition has just occurred.

On the estate fishing is still quite popular amongst guests on the estate lakes and I have had some groups out over the past couple of weeks. One stuck with me and that was a booking made by Mari Teising from the USA. Mari was with her Husband Scott and two other couples and wanted to try fishing for the first time. Great news as this was my chance to introduce this wonderful sport to some new enthusiasts. The group got on very well and caught many roach on what was a slightly foggy morning. It was very clear there was a special bond between these people, and I found it fascinating when I heard their story. Scott Teisling, Bob Knight and Jim Reynolds have been friends since they met at the US Military academy at west point. They entered in 1976, graduated in 1980. They were posted all over the world yet stayed in touch in a spirited way. After some time Scott and Bob went to ranger school. Scott retired as a captain, Jim as captain and Bob as Colonel. The reason I told this story briefly was the bond they shared was absolutely admirable. They had spoken for many years about getting together and going for a fishing trip and I was lucky enough to have been able to take them and hear their stories. More so the fact I was able to show them something new and something that they now are hopefully going to pursue.

Mari, Scott , Paula , Bob, Barb , James
Mari, Scott , Paula , Bob, Barb , James

I also made a trip to southern county and guided for 3 people, we had some lovely Rainbows all of which were in typical southern county shape. Apps bloodworm on a slow retrieve worked quite well. Had some great fun on fast retrieve also, watching the fish follow and decide whether or not to commit to taking was quite exciting.

Finally, last weekend was the start of my free tuition weekend. I had Anglers Paul Byrne and Shane O Reilly out with me. We covered some knots, leader set ups and overhead cast. Both anglers done very well, and Paul managed to get a cast in on the lake a catch a roach on the dry fly. Both anglers done very well with Paul gaining bragging rights this time round.

Paul Byrne with roach
Paul Byrne with roach

The Irish fly fair is getting close now and there are regular updates on the Irish fly fair Facebook page and also on my own Facebook page. This event is huge with many top exhibitors in fly tying and fly casting with a great line up of trade stands. Tickets are now available.

Dan O’Neill APGAI
Cadence fly fishing ambassador

Go fishing…

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