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Challenging conditions but still some nice fish reported from the Moy

Cian O’Boyle with a magnificent 14 lbs salmon caught on the Ridge Pool (released)

Steve Schreck reports from the River Moy…

Angling Report week ending 28/05/2023  

Even though conditions in the Moy catchment were challenging last week, catch numbers increased significantly yet again and 122 salmon were reported caught. A considerable number of those salmon were spring fish, but the odd grilse was among them. Sunny days and no rain at all meant that Ballylahan Bridge water levels did not reach a desirable height all week long.

The Moy Fishery reported 13 salmon caught for the week of which 6 were released. Ten of the fish were caught in the Ridge Pool while the Cathedral Beat produced 3 salmon. Overall, 5 of these were double figure fish, with the best one weighing 14lbs.

May Bonner with a nice 10 lbs springer caught on the Ridge Pool of the Moy Fishery
Garrett Ruigrok about to release a beautiful 12 lbs springer at the Ridge Pool

Mount Falcon reported 1 salmon of 7.5 lbs. Angling pressure during the week was very low.

Coolcronan Fishery recorded 1 salmon weighing 8 lbs caught on the worm.

Armstrong Fishery recorded 9 salmon for the week, with the best one weighing 10 lbs. Six fish were caught on the prawn and 3 were caught on the worm.

Gannon’s Fishery reported 16 fish, weighing between 6 lbs and 11 lbs. Saturday was a particularly good day when 8 salmon were caught.

The Foxford Fishery recorded 41 fish, mostly springers, except for 4 grilse. The biggest fish of 12 lbs was caught on the prawn.

Foxford Salmon Anglers reported 21 fish for the week of which 9 were caught in Rinanney and 12 in Baker’s.

Two salmon were reported caught in the Foxford town area.

Cloongee Fishery recorded 7 salmon on the fly of which 3 were released. The biggest fish weighed 11.5 lbs.

East Mayo Anglers recorded 11 salmon for the week (3 released). 7 fish on the fly and 5 on the worm. Two of those salmon were double figure fish weighing 10 lbs.