• Rivers in Mayo, Cork, Kerry, and Galway accounted for 53pc of all Irish salmon landed last year
  • Inland Fisheries Ireland publishes 2022 report on wild salmon and sea trout data 
  • 26,715 salmon and 2,082 sea trout caught by all methods – incl.commercial and angling

A newly-published report by Inland Fisheries Ireland reveals a record percentage of wild salmon were placed back in the water after being hooked by fishermen/women in 2022.

And Inland Fisheries Ireland’s Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Statistics Report 2022 shows that five rivers in four counties accounted for 53pc of all salmon caught in 2022.

Moy Fishery, Co Mayo
Moy Fishery, Co Mayo
  • A total of 18pc was taken on the River Moy, Co Mayo;
  • 16.1pc on the River Blackwater (Lismore), Co Cork;
  • 7.3pc on the River Laune, Co Kerry;
  • 5.9pc on the River Corrib, Co Galway and;
  • 5.4pc on the Lower Lee, Co Cork.

Last year anglers in Ireland released back 54pc of their wild salmon catch, compared to 52pc in 2021, and 51pc in 2020.

The Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Statistics Report 2022 outlines the total number of fish caught by all methods (commercial and angling, including catch and release) was 26,715 salmon, and 2,082 sea trout.

This is a reduction of 14pc on the total salmon catch recorded in 2021 (31,148), but an increase of 30pc of the total sea trout catch recorded that year (1,595).

Lower River Lee, Cork
Lower River Lee, Cork

Anglers from 42 different countries held salmon rod licences in 2022.

Most of these licences were sold to residents of the Republic of Ireland (66.5pc), followed by Northern Ireland(11pc), and England/Scotland/Wales(6.6pc). Hundreds of anglers from France, Germany, and the United States also bought salmon licences in 2022 during trips here.

Commercial fishers caught 15pc of the salmon catch in 2022, compared to 21pc in 2021 and recreational anglers caught 85pc in 2022 compared to 79pc in 2021.

A total of 17,318 salmon licences were bought by fishermen/women in 2022 – up some 11pc on the corresponding figure for 2021.