It’s a special book club episode this week on Ireland on the Fly as Tom & Daire speak to Kirk Wallace Johnson, author of the acclaimed, best seller, The Feather Thief…

Book Club Ep #5: Kirk Wallace Johnson & The Feather Thief Pt 1

For those of you not aware of the story or the book, it’s a story about a crime heist involving the fly tying world, and specifically those tiers wanting to get their hands on extremely rare feathers from the 19th century.

As for the Irish angle?  Well, there is of course the Irish influence on fly tying in the 1800s, and in the context of the crime investigation, it was an undercover PSNI officer who first became aware of the stolen swag that was being offered to the fly tying world.

Prior to becoming obsessed with the story and writing the book, Kirk Wallace Johnson had discovered fly fishing as a therapeutic sport that helped him recover from PTSD after time spent in Iraq.

And it was while standing in a river in the US that he first heard about the fly tying robbery of the British Natural Museum and the thread of the Feather Thief began to unwind…..

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The Feather Thief