The Leinster Pike Angling Club held a two-day boat angling competition on the Shannon recently. Anglers started out from a single base and were free to fish anywhere as long as they did not go through any locks. Saturday was a fine day, and saw the best of the fishing, with one angler, Jay Cooke, managing 97lb to leave him well-placed going into the second day.

Unfortunatey, the weather broke overnight, and fishing conditions were not so good for Sunday’s session. But Jay managed to add another 30lb+ to his tally from Saturday, leaving him with a bag of 131lb over the two days, streets ahead of the rest of the competition.

Full results as follows:

Overall Results – Total Bags:
Jay Cooke – 12 fish at 131lb 3oz
Will Carney – 9 fish at 66lb 9oz
Francis Crosbie – 10 fish at 39lb 11oz
Luke Ó Ciaráin – 14 fish 38lb 4oz
Overall Results – Heaviest Fish:
Jay Cooke – 18lb 15oz
Fergal Doherty – 15lb 1oz
Sean O’Brien – 14lb 10oz