Paddy Dunworth of Celtic Angling reports from the Maigue:

Tom O’Shea made the short drive on Friday last week from Kilmorna which is not far from Abbeyfeale, and is just a good stone’s throw from the river Feale. He never really fly-fished and at the ripe old age of 51 is taking to steps to address that by spending a good session on the Maigue at Adare with me. The vast majority of outsiders underestimate fly-fishing, suffice it to say that done properly, in every aspect it’s on a far superior level to other forms of fishing… Golf is a good comparison.

Tom appreciates this and was an enthusiastic and quick learner. There’s still a lot of salmon smolts amassing at Adare, readying for their arduous journey to the North Atlantic, most just fingerlings donning their new silver coats which helps them adapt to saltwater, good luck to them. Tom met plenty, and small browns as well so all augurs well for his journey too. Nice to see some Mayfly emerging also.

Go fishing…

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