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Mayfly up on Arrow but fishing still tough at times


Lough Arrow Anglers report…

Well, the mayfly is underway at last! We have had good hatches of fly in some parts of the lake but not the overall big hatch yet. Sometimes, in sunny conditions, it is difficult to see how many flies are hatching off. Due to slack winds, some days a write-off for the dappers which was a pity. However I did see the long rods out this week. Last Thursday and Friday we have had great falls of spent which gives us a chance to catch the big trout, if we can locate them that is! Anyone out on the lake on Friday night had spectacular views of the Northern Lights over Lough Arrow. While the fishing has been difficult and challenging at times, talking to visiting anglers – they have had a lovely few days on this special lake.

A quiet Laundry Bay
Gerry Kelly with a nice Arrow brown
We held our annual Mayfly Competition on Sunday 12th May last. A total of 57 anglers took part for The Des McDonagh Cup. 19 fish were caught & released on the day.

Fishing conditions were not ideal and like the previous weekend, the weather was not suitable for dapping or the wets. Our winner with 4 trout was Diarmuid O’Brien – a great catch in those conditions. Congratulations also to Abbie McTiernan, winner of the junior angling competition and also to Paul Smith who caught the heaviest fish.

Mary McDonagh presents the Des McDonagh Cup to 1st prize winner Diarmuid O’Brien
Junior prize winner Abbie McTiernan

We all met in The Mayfly Inn for the prize giving and catch-up with friends – thanks again to Philip and Ellie for being such good hosts.

Tight lines and bent rods!