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    Coarse angling from Carlow to Bagnalstown on the Barrow


    The best access to the Barrow downstream of Carlow can be found along the towpath on the western bank of the River Barrow. The 2 mile stretch of river from the high bank in Carlow to Clogrennan Lock (known locally as Lanigan’s Lock) offers some fantastic fishing for hybrids, bream, roach, rudd and dace. Big perch are often taken on this stretch on worm. Float and feeder techniques are effective with the latter working better when the flow is stronger. Fishing at the point where the canal cut and river meet can produce some nice dace and roach.

    There is excellent parking at Clogrennan Lock. Downstream of the lock the river is close to the road and easily accessible at a number of locations. Parking is available along the road but should be exercised with care at all times. Extra care should be exercised when alighting from the car and when returning to the vehicle after fishing.

    Quality hybrids can be taken all the way from Carlow to Clogrennan

    From Clogrennan lock the river meanders gently downstream through the Carlow countryside for 3.6km (2.2 miles) to Milford Bridge. The river is very accessible from the towpath in this area with a number road side access points on the western side. The river from Carlow to Milford Bridge has an average depth of 9ft but depths to 11ft can be found on the section approaching Milford Lock. This is an excellent pole fishing location for roach, dace, perch and hybrids. Some bream can also be taken at this location.

    An idyllic angling setting on the River Barrow and Canal at Milford

    From Milford Bridge, the river flows for a further 7.6km (4.5miles) to Leighlinbridge. The deeper water is located on the towpath side and anglers can expect good catches of dace, roach and hybrids. Pole and float techniques will produce the best results but feeder can be effective in the some of the faster flowing areas. Access to this stretch can be located via the bridges at Milford and Leighlinbridge and Cardinal Moran Bridge on the N9. There is spacious car park upstream of Milford Bridge but very limited parking is available along the N9 at Cardinal Moran Bridge. Car parking is along the river available at Leighlinbridge.

    Leighlinbridge on the River Barrow

    At Leighlinbridge, coarse anglers can expect excellent fishing for quality roach and dace. Large hybrids have also been taken in this area, some weighing between 1kg and 2kg.  Shoals of dace and roach can regularly be seen patrolling along this stretch and the in-stream vegetation offers good cover for fish. Pole and float fishing techniques work well and feeder can also be effective in the faster flowing water. A stick float trotted outside the weed beds and water-lilies can produce some good sport. Don’t over feed the swim. Light feeding over the top produces good results. There is a small local angling club in Leighlinbridge.

    Rathvinden Lock
    The Barrow at Rathvinden Lock

    Below Leighlinbridge, the best access to the river is to be found on the towpath on left bank of the river heading downstream. The 4.75km (3 mile) stretch from Leighlinbridge to Bagnalstown provides anglers with some fine angling opportunities. Bream, roach, hybrids, dace and perch are the main target species in this area.  The best access to this stretch can be found at the bridge in Leighlinbridge and from the towpath in Bagnalstown.  There are very large hybrids in this section of river and many specimens are recorded annually. The canal cut at Rathellin Lock can produce some excellent fishing for all coarse species when the water level in the Barrow is high.

    Swimming Pool stretch
    Excellent angling access and facilities on the the Barrow Upstream of the swimming pool in Bagnalstown

    The swimming pool stretch in Bagnalstown is easily accessible and five open access fishing stands suitable for anglers with special needs are provided at this location. Parking is provided adjacent to these stands. The water here can be in excess of 10ft deep and the lily pads provide cover for fish close to the bank. Pole and waggler techniques are very effective at this location and anglers can expect good catches of dace, roach and perch. Some nice bream and hybrids to specimen size can also be taken on this stretch. Fishing just outside the weed beds can produce good results. There is a tackle shop in Bagnalstown that offers a wide range of fishing tackle and bait, including ground bait, red maggots, white maggots and worms.  The shop is also a good source of local up to the minute angling information.

    Local Tackle Dealer:

    M.A. McCullough, Market Square, Bagnalstown, Co. Carlow.
    Tel: 059 9721381