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    Carlow Town Coarse Angling Centre on the Barrow


    Carlow town is a long established coarse angling centre that is located approximately midway along the Barrow between Monasterevin and St. Mullins. Carlow is a fully serviced angling centre with everything in place to ensure that the visiting coarse angler enjoys a successful fishing experience. A visit to the towns tackle shops which offer a full range of coarse angling tackle and bait as well as the best real time advice is a must for any angler visiting the area. The town also has a wide range of very affordable accommodations that can service the needs of coarse anglers with many offering tackle and bait storage facilities.

    Bag of fish
    The Barrow produces top quality coarse fish

    The local Carlow Coarse Angling Club which is based in the town welcomes all visiting anglers and is happy to provide visitors with all necessary assistance. Membership of the club is available should anglers wish to support the local club. Club membership provides additional benefits including access to club events and competitions, expert advice and insurance cover. The club hosts an annual one day fishing festival the ‘King of the Barrow’ takes place each July and is open to all.

    Carlow Town

    Carlow Town is one of the major coarse angling centres on the River Barrow. There is good general coarse fishing at a number of locations around the town with specimen perch and hybrids being taken regularly by anglers within the limits of the town. The town stretch in Carlow is a popular location which regularly produces good bags of dace, roach and hybrids.  Bream can also be taken when conditions are right. Fine bream fishing is available on the town stretch downstream of the lock and the stretch near the old sugar factory provides anglers with a number of swims where specimen bream can be caught. Local coarse angling clubs use this stretch for matches. Local angling hot spots in the town include the Montgomery Street stretch, the floating jetty, the cut, Webster’s Lock (Carlow Lock), the high bank and the marina.

    Montgomery Street

    Montgomery Street lies at the northern end of the town and gives good access to the river from the back of the old cemetery to Duggan’s Bridge.  Anglers can expect to find depths from 6ft to 10ft on this slow deep match stretch which fishes well to all methods including pole, waggler and feeder. The tower of the once famous sugar factory stretch can be seen above the bridge.

    Montgomery Street section
    The Montgomery Street Match Stretch in Carlow 

    This section produces good catches of roach, dace, perch and hybrids. Some bream and occasional tench may also be taken at this location which can accommodate circa 40 anglers.

    The Floating Jetty

    The Floating Jetty upstream of Graiguecullen Bridge in the town can be accessed through the town park which is located on the western side of the town. Fishing from the floating jetty is into depths of 4.5 to 5ft. Depths can vary however, due to the silting and scouring effect caused by fluctuating water levels and flows at different times of the year.

    Floating Jetty
    Great fishing from the Floating Jetty in Carlow Town

    This is a great location to try pole or whip techniques for the huge numbers of dace and roach that can lie in this area. Be careful not to overfeed the fish and try just to feed over the top, giving a little and often. Double red maggot usually produces the best results. The feeder can also be used when conditions suit. Try casting to the edge of the flow or just inside. This area can produce some nice specimen hybrids and perch.

    The Cut

    The Cut is located at the green area in the town park between the floating jetty and the black steel walk over bridge. This small cut which can literally be stuffed with fish in winter and spring when water levels are high. Double red maggot fished on whip or small pole can produce excellent bags of fish from this small fenced cut.

    Access at the Town Park:

    The local park warden generally facilitates anglers in the dropping and collection of fishing gear to and from the river bank at this location. Before entering the park, it is advisable to seek permission to cross the park from the warden in advance.  However, once gear has been dropped cars must then be removed and parked in the designated car park.

    Carlow Lock

    Webster’s Lock (Carlow Lock) as it is known locally is located just downstream of Graiguecullen weir. It is accessed off Graiguecullen Bridge via Chaff Street. There is ample parking alongside the Lock in front of the disused mill. The stretch of water just downstream of the island can produce some excellent fishing for quality hybrids, dace, perch and bream. Feeder fishing into 3ft to 4ft of water in low summer conditions can produce excellent results at this location. Cast the feeder repeatedly to the edge of the flow or into the flow to attract the fish and build your swim. Early morning and evening time is best in summer.  In winter and at times of high water fish hold up in the section below the gates at the base of Webster’s Lock. Waggler, pole and float are all productive at this time.

    The Marina

    The Marina is a fenced pool located beside the small metal bridge just below Webster’s Lock. It is a spring; winter and high water venue and coarse fish seek refuge and protection here when water levels are high in the River Barrow.

    The Marina in Carlow is one of the best Winter venues in the Country

    All coarse fish species can be found in the marina during the right conditions. Big perch are especially attracted to this location and many close to specimen size are taken annually. Pole, whip and waggler techniques are effective at this location but bigger perch can be taken by jigging small rubber lures. Evening fishing can produce some very good bags here.

    The High Bank

    The High Bank is a match stretch which is located around the bend immediately downstream of the marina. It is used by the local angling club for competitions and events. This stretch is an excellent all year round fishery and produces good catches of bream, skimmers, hybrids, dace and roach all year with the exception of the periods of the heaviest floods in the Barrow. All methods produce results however using a stick float is particularly effective in this area. Fishing is good right down to Clogrennan Lock (known locally as Lanigan’s Lock).

    Local Club Contact

    Mr Gerry McStraw,
    Secretary, Carlow and District Coarse Angling Club,
    Tel: 085 2844566

    Gerry McStraw
    Expert help and advice is available in Carlow Angling Centre