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    Gweebarra River



    Open for 2022. Brown tag required

    • Salmon and sea trout from 1st April to 30th September inclusive.


    The Gweebarra is a 20-mile long stretch of Spate River flowing from Lough Barra to Gweebarra Bay and includes 10 miles of estuarine water. The fishery consists of 6 beats spread over 8 miles of river plus around 9 miles of estuary fishing. The river runs through some beautiful scenery and is one of the most picturesque in the region. The Gweebarra has a good run of spring fish during April & May, with grilse running from the end of June and good-sized summer salmon running from August onwards. Sea trout are at their best from July and are usually taken from the estuary and the pools around the Doochary area. Other hot spots on the river are the famous Mayo pool at the confluence of the Cloghanagore River and the Fall’s pool.

    Any of the traditional Irish shrimp flies work well on the river, as does the popular flying C. The annual salmon catch is normally 400+ fish.


    Permits are available as

    • Adult day permits €40
    • Juvenile day permits €20
    • Weekly permits €180
    • Juvenile Weekly permit €80

    Permits are available from:

    Bookings/Further information

    Bookings can be taken in advance on full payment of rod permit. Bookings are non-transferable. Rods will be assigned beats on a ‘first come first served basis’ and will be rotated through beats thereafter if demand is high.