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    • Glen River: Catch and release for 2024
    • Yellow river: Open for 2024


    • Salmon and sea trout from 1st March to 30th September inclusive.
    • Use of any fish hooks, other than single or double barbless hooks is prohibited.
    • Use of worms as bait in angling for all species of fish is prohibited.
    • Maggot, shrimp and prawn are all prohibited


    The Slieve League Anglers Association controls the Glen River Fishery. This is a progressive club dedicated to the preservation & maintenance of the river while actively encouraging anglers. The fishery includes the Glen River, Owenwee (Yellow) River, Crow (Crove) River and Owenteskiny rivers and the loughs Agh, Auva, Unshagh, Unna, Divna, Lougheraherk and Lough Nalughraman.

    The Glen fishery is an excellent salmon and sea trout spate system, which has some lovely, pools and high quality fly water. The fishery is divided is divided into 6 sections:

    • Section 1 comprises the estuary running through Carrick north to the private section 2. This is the most popular section. Well known pools include the Murbhach pool, Sea pool, Junction pool, Salmon Leap, Poll a’Ghaineamh, James Franks Dock, Johnny Ann’s Dock and Log Condie Bhig.
    • Section 2 is a private section running from Log Ui Chipp (island) ¾ mile upstream to Mary’s Pool.
    • Section 3 is a private section to Log Cruinn.
    • Section 4 starts at Log Cruinn and runs upstream to Cor na Cona Bridge (crooked bridge at crove). This section includes the Errigal Eisc factory pool (East side of river only), Brogans pool and Bun nah Abhna.
    • Section 5 runs from Cor na Cona Bridge upstream to Lough Nalughraman. It includes the junction pool (Owenteskiny river), Glen and Log an Smutan at Strafin.
    • Section 6 comprises the Owenwee (Yellow) River. It joins the Glen below the Salmon Leap at the Junction pool (Droichead Mor) and runs upstream to Loughs Unna, Auva and Agh.

    The Glen Fishery gets a good run of grilse and late summer salmon. It fishes from May to September with the best month being July for grilse. The Glen system is also noted for its sea trout, a 9lb sea trout was caught in the Junction pool by Belfast angler Jim Laird in July 1997. Most sea trout are released back to the river in the interests of conservation.

    Fly-fishing is growing in popularity on the Glen, due in part to ongoing pool creation by Slieve League Anglers and IFI. The most popular fly patterns are: Ally’s shrimp, Curry’s Red shrimp, Wye Bug shrimp, Badger & Golden Olive shrimp, Dark Mackerel, Garry Dog and in clear water, Claret & Black, Thunder & Lightning, Fiery Brown, Jock Scott or a Silver Doctor. Maggot, shrimp and prawn are all prohibited. Sea trout measuring less than 10 inches must be returned. The fishery is managed on the basis of rotation and etiquette. The club actively promotes a catch and release policy.


    Permits are available close to the Salmon Leap pool from

    Licences are available from:

    • Doherty’s Tackle Shop, Main St. Donegal Town. Tel: (074) 9721119