Skipper Max Couque with a nice Pollack of 11.5 lb. taken in late September

Charter skipper Max Couque reports from the Galway Bay area on some recent deep sea fishing:  “This season is coming to an end. It has been a difficult one, the weather didn’t help us, but the fishing was very good.  Pollack still our main target, the biggest was around 11.5 lb. Cod is coming back in good numbers in Galway Bay, is it the weather or this quota system? Who knows! We caught more than 20 species this year, the unusual one was a crayfish.

A lot of Spurdogs were caught and released, all females as always. The weather didn’t give us many chances to target Tope in the middle of the bay or Blue Shark outside the Aran Islands. We got three nice Topes but no Blue Shark or no Porbeagle Shark.

Not only the weather let us down, the numbers of mackerel also. It has been the first year that I saw such a few numbers of mackerel in the summer. In October and November we had to catch the Joey mackerel for bait.

Galway Fishing still available during the winter subject to the weather. Do not hesitate to contact Max on 0863234638 or visit my website”

Max Couque

Leaca Rua

37′ Tyrell.
Skipper: Max Couque
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Skipper Max Couque with a nice Pollack of 11.5 lb. taken in late September
Skipper Max Couque with a nice Crayfish in September