Ross Macklin was fishing off of Union Hall on the Joree Jade out of Union Hall in West Cork with  a group of friends from Cork and Dublin. Johnny, Damien, Mossie, Luke, Padraig and Jorge all enjoyed the trip, and with blue shark to 145lb landed that’s no surprise. However, what Ross hooked on a whole makerel on a 12/0 hook was a real surprise! The fish proved to be a stone bass and it weighed 6lb 8oz.

Ross and his Stone Bass
Ross and his Stone Bass

These nomadic wanderers of the sea are regular summer visitors to Irish waters. They are often found sheltering under driftwood, or boats when they follow a rubby dubby trail. This stone bass was the biggest one encountered by the Joree Jade yet. The Irish record stands at an impressive11.72lbs.

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