There is plenty to report in this week’s angling update. With loads of news from coarse, pike, salmon, trout and sea anglers there is surely something for everyone in the audience. There was a small improvement in weather conditions which in turn improved the fortunes of many fishermen, but nonetheless most are still hoping for temperatures to increase so angling can really get going. But the big news in this week’s Irish Angling Update is Fisheries Awareness Week.

French angler Eric Tournaire with a 6.5lbs brown trout caught on Lough Inagh, Connemara. The fish was kept for a quick photo before being released again. Also in photo is Lough Inagh fishery manager Colin Folan.
French angler Eric Tournaire Wins Catch of the Week with a 6.5lbs brown trout caught on Lough Inagh, Connemara. The fish was kept for a quick photo before being released again. Also in photo is Lough Inagh fishery manager Colin Folan.

Fisheries Awareness Week kicks off on Saturday 12th of May with 12 events covering all aspects of angling – coarse, pike, sea, salmon and trout taking place in Meath, Cork, Monaghan, Donegal, Tipperary, Mayo, Galway, Offaly and Westmeath. In addition to the angling events there are 2 Balsam Bashes taking place in Dublin and Carlow. You can find the details of all these events here:

There are 16 events focussing on sea angling with some of the highlights including charter boat fishing from Donegal, Wicklow, Galway and Cork, bass fishing from the shore with Jim Hendrick in Wexford and by boat with Bella Vista in Cobh, shore fishing in Galway, Sligo, Donegal. These events will suit beginners and more experienced anglers alike but booking would be wise as places will be limited on the boats in particular. See for more information.

Salmon anglers will find events where they can improve their casting and budding anglers are particularly well catered for at the Juvenile Angling Day on the Moy. This event is hosted on the world famous Cathedral Beat of the Moy Fishery. It aims to introduce youths to game fishing, and allow them the chance to fish for wild Atlantic salmon, to learn about the ecology of the salmon and to learn more about the methods used when salmon angling. Young anglers will be able to fish with fly, bait or spinner, with rods and equipment available for the day from IFI. To find out more about all those events catering for salmon anglers see Trout anglers have even more choice with river fishing, rainbow trout fisheries, bring a friend fishing days, angling club open days and ladies days all scheduled to take place over the 8 days of Fisheries Awareness Week. Find details of all these events here

Over a dozen coarse and pike angling events have been organised by clubs, association and IFI at venues from Cork to Cavan and Carlow to Carrickmacross. Once again budding anglers and junior have lots of events to chose from but more experienced anglers are also welcome to attend and pick the minds of the experts on hand.  If you are interested in attending any of the coarse or pike angling events you can find out more here and here

If you can’t make it to the planned events Inland Fisheries Ireland has done even more to encourage you to go fishing next week. During Fisheries Awareness Week anglers can fish for free at selected IFI fisheries. These fisheries include many of its stocked lakes and all the venues in the Midland Fisheries Group.  You can get your free permit online here and now. Please note that boats may be required to fish some fisheries and these need to be arranged in advance.

With so many free events and IFI making permits available for free at many of its fisheries you’ve never had a better reason to go fishing. So bring a friend, your kids or partner out for an unforgettable day at Fisheries Awareness Week.

As usual all the headlines from last week’s angling reports are below.

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